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Police chase leads to Florida man facing drug charges

Many individuals may not be immensely knowledgeable on how certain legal processes are carried out. Therefore, when a party is facing drug charges, he or she may not fully understand what type of situation they are about to be thrust into. By gathering information on the criminal proceedings relating to one's circumstances, a party may be able to prepare more adequately for his or her case.

Florida Supreme Court requires warrant for cell tower phone data

Police have been using the metadata gleaned from cellphone tower interactions for years. And they have done it without a warrant. This issue, whether cellphone location data obtained from the telecoms requires a warrant had fallen through the cracks of Fourth Amendment law.

Traffic stops and criminal charges

You may have noticed when reading about criminal charges in news reports that they often include the seemingly mundane fact that the officer was speaking with the suspect during a traffic stop. Because they eventually were charged with a drug crime or some other criminal offense, you may forget about that part of the story.

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