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Was it Flakka?

Drugs, legal and illegal, carry many risks. While those who sell these drugs referred to "side effects," those side effects, in reality, primary effects, just not the ones the drug is marketed for. Some drugs are considered more dangerous. Aspirin can be bought over the counter very cheaply. A kilo of cocaine is slightly more expensive and it comes with much more risk, both for the user and for those who sell it.

The responsibilities of the Drug Enforcement Administration

The Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, can make arrests in drug-related cases, but they do a lot more than just conduct raids and bring people in for questioning. To better understand their exact role and their authoritative power, consider the following duties and responsibilities that they take on. The DEA can work in conjunction with other agencies at the local, state and national levels. They focus on running a drug intelligence program and coordinating their efforts with officers from other agencies at all three levels. This gives the DEA a lot of reach in cases of any size. 

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