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Medical marijuana implementation collapses on dispensary issue

How many retail dispensaries should a medical marijuana treatment center reasonably operate? The Florida House thinks it's around 100 dispensaries per treatment center, but the Senate thinks it should be around 5. This disagreement has stalled the implementation of Florida's medical marijuana amendment, to the consternation of many who voted for it.

Do you think Drug Free America should make marijuana policy?

Drug Free America and its lobbying arm, Save Our Society From Drugs, opposed last year's amendment to allow wider use of medical marijuana in Florida. Now, despite 71 percent of voters having an opposing view, the group is having a major impact on how the medical cannabis program is being structured. Some argue their impact is oversized.

It's impossible to accurately measure THC impairment. Now what?

In a recent appellate case in another state, a DUI defense attorney brought forward some pretty compelling evidence that the usual methods police use to determine whether someone is under the influence simply don't apply to marijuana. No level of THC, marijuana's psychoactive compound, has been shown to cause more impairment than someone would experience at a 0.05 blood alcohol level. Moreover, there's currently no Breathalyzer-style test for THC impairment because no "red line" level for illegal driving has been established.

Marijuana for personal use?

Two Florida men were arrested last week for possession of marijuana. One of the men claimed the large quantity, more than 20 grams of marijuana according to the charges, was not for resale or distribution, but his personal use. Apparently, he was simply attempting to be thrifty and buy his drugs in bulk.

How 2016's marijuana ballot measures could shape drug policy

It may seem hard to believe but we are now just a little over two months away from Election Day 2016. While Floridians will be called upon to decide who should hold offices at both the state and federal level on November 8, they will also be called upon to decide a host of ballot measures, including Amendment 2, which calls for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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