Cargos por drogas y sus derechos

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As an American citizen, you have certain rights under the Constitution that protect you from things like illegal search and seizure. Unfortunately, however, these rights do not always take top priority in drug investigations. Problems with the search and seizure procedures or whether or not the officers had probable cause are two of the most common issues in cases involving drug crimes.

Drug charges may involve marijuana, street drugs or even prescription medications, and the exact charges and possible penalties will depend on the type and amount of the substance, as well as the particular circumstances surrounding the arrest. No matter what the situation is, however, the officers must act according to the laws in place and refrain from violating your Constitutional rights.

Without proper legal representation, you may be put on the Florida criminal court assembly line and not even be aware of any issues with your case or possible alternative defense options until it’s over and too late. Talking to an attorney as soon as you become aware of an investigation or are officially charged can help you make decisions in your best interest at every step along the way.

It’s normal to have questions about how long the process will take, whether you will have to go to trial and what the possible penalties are in the event of a conviction. We work with these kinds of cases on a regular basis and am especially equipped to help you defend against drug charges ranging from simple possession to trafficking or distribution.

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