Cargos por violencia doméstica

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A domestic violence offense can cause you to lose your job, lose your home and keep you away from your family for an extended period of time.

Many times the police are called by a neighbor who is bothered by the arguing they are hearing or by a significant other who just wants the police to come break up a fight. The result is usually an arrest of a person who may have no criminal history whatsoever and who was simply having a bad moment. I cannot tell you how many times a girlfriend or wife calls me in tears. They did not want their husband or wife arrested, they simply wanted the police to stop the fight. But, that is not what the police do. Once that arrest is made a series of events will unfold that someone un-schooled in the criminal justice system would have a hard time believing.

Frankly, in many cases the criminal justice system overreacts and instead of protecting a family, a family is broken and financially devastated.

We, at Mike G Law, are very experienced in representing people charged with domestic violence related offenses from a misdemeanor to more serious felony offenses like aggravated domestic battery, battery by strangulation, or battery on a pregnant female.

Possible Results of a Domestic Violence arrest may include:

  1. The charge may be used against you in a divorce, family law, or child custody hearing.
  2. You cannot bond out of jail as with other charges. You must see the judge.
  3. No contact with the victim, your family and you must establish a new residence.
  4. Lifetime ban of your right to possess a firearm under state and federal law.
  5. Loss of job opportunities.
  6. Permanent record which cannot be sealed.
  7. Imposition of a child safety plan if the incident was witnessed by a child.
  8. Prosecution even though the victim wishes to drop charges.
  9. Significant jail time.
  10. Probation with counseling conditions that go on for months.

At Mike G Law we understand the intake process conducted by the State Attorney’s Office and how to establish iron clad defenses which will result in charges being dropped. I know how an arrest for domestic violence can affect a family and will work to get the No Contact Order dropped and charges dismissed so that families can be re-united and they can work together without the Government’s intrusion into their private lives. The State of Florida will prosecutes these cases aggressively which is why we defend them in the same manner.

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