Category: Federal Drug Charges

Drug crimes and the Florida drug pretrial intervention program

Any drug violation is serious, but a conviction of a federal drug offense can mean even stiffer penalties and a permanent mark on your criminal record. Police officers, prosecutors and judges are all becoming stricter with how drug crime cases are handled, from the initial search and arrest to the trial and sentencing. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the Florida justice system and understand how your choices now may affect the outcome later. Every drug violation case is different, and it is imperative that you discuss your case openly and honestly with your attorney. Only once your attorney has all of the facts can he ensure he is presenting the pros and cons of your... Read More »

Federal drug sentencing cases with mandatory minimums fall

Mandatory minimum sentences have been seen as a problem for years. They have been used in an effort to reduce drug use in this country. Sadly, they have not achieved their ostensible goal, but they have contributed to the problem of too many inmates in prison. Attorney General Eric Holder has been a proponent of the "Smart on Crime" initiative, which was designed to minimize the use of harsh mandatory minimums for non-violent drug crimes.  This week, he announced evidence that shows the initiative has managed to have an effect on the number of defendants who have been charged with drug trafficking crimes, which fell by 6 percent. It is remarkable to note that drug trafficking charges make up 95... Read More »

Big brother is watching your license plate

The so-called war on drugs has been characterized as a failure. The U.S. illegal drug market is as lucrative and well-supplied as it was 40 years ago when the "war" began. From increasing incarceration to the militarization of the police to the weakening of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, there have been few positive side effects. Enhanced law enforcement is always premised on the idea that we give up some freedom in return for some improvement in security. But in fact, often we are not even presented with the deal. Instead, law enforcement often commences some program, and it is only months or years later that the public is informed of what they are doing. A recent example is... Read More »