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Attorney needed when charges of drug possession made

Being charged with drug possession in Florida is a very big deal. You can get jail time and a fine on top of that, if the charges stick. The authorities and the prosecutors involved are only interested in bringing drug offenders to justice — their brand of justice. Most of the time this means getting an arrest even if it means stomping on someone’s rights to do it. An attorney brought into the case early from the law office of Mike G. Law is a good idea. This individual will be there for you and will be a worthy advisor. One piece of advice that you need to heed is that you don’t need to talk to the police at... Read More »

What is the process for posting bail?

The process of posting bail is one of the first steps after an arrest, but many people forget about this until they are in jail waiting to be released. If you are given the opportunity to post bail, it can mean that you can continue to work and spend time with your family while you await trial instead of spending the time behind bars. Understanding what happens when you post bail can make the process as stress free and smooth as possible. The very first thing that happens is the courts decide whether you will be eligible for bail and how much it will be set at. If the number seems very large, don’t panic. In some cases, you may... Read More »

Prescription drugs: Florida’s doctor shopping laws

When people think of illegal drugs and drugs crimes, substances like cocaine, heroin or even marijuana may come to mind. However, charges can also involve prescription medications. One of the lesser known issues with prescription drugs is what is referred to as doctor shopping. Exact laws vary by state, with some states having general laws prohibiting doctor shopping, while others also include specific laws. Florida is currently the only state in the country that does not have a general law regarding doctor shopping but does have specific laws prohibiting it. Doctor shopping is when someone goes to multiple doctors to get multiple prescriptions for the same medication. In these situations, the health care practitioners are unaware the patient has already... Read More »

Florida man charged for alleged prescription drug violations

When an individual has an addiction, it is often difficult for him or her to seek the help that is needed. As a result, some parties may find themselves being questioned or taken into custody by police if the authorities believe the individuals are in possession of illegal or controlled substances. This type of situation could lead to a person being charged with prescription drug violations or other drug-related allegations. A man in Florida was recently taken into custody for allegedly having controlled substances in his possession. It was reported that the man was walking in an area where there had purportedly been multiple break-ins.  An officer stopped to question that man, and the officer reportedly grew suspicious when the... Read More »