Construyendo una defensa contra un cargo de posesión de drogas de marihuana

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Being charged with the crime of marijuana possession or marijuana trafficking can be so disheartening. You are in a position that can ruin your future. You could lose your job, your friends and even alienate your loved ones. Too often, the authorities are more interested in having a high number of arrests and convictions instead of seeking the truth. This means that your rights may not be on the top of their list.

The best advice that can be given is for you to say nothing to their questions and to ask for an attorney. The law office of Mike G. Law can help. We have over 20 years of experience in this area and can get your charges mitigated or dismissed.

Because some of us are former state attorneys, we used to prosecute drug charges often. We know what the police are looking for and exactly how far they can go with a search. The police have the right to search your car if you give them permission. They also can look inside your vehicle if there is a firearm in plain sight. Being aware of the rights of the authorities is important.

If you or a passenger in your vehicle have drugs or drug paraphernalia out in the open, the police can search your car. Being aware of this can help you in the long run.

There is a route you can take to mitigate the charges. Being a part of a pre-trial intervention program is a good idea because this will help you become drug free and also get your charges dropped. It is not available to all defendants, but your attorney can tell you if you qualify. You have to sign a contract with the prosecutor that you will complete the program and not drop out. If you break the contract, you will be put in jail and charged again. You will have an automatic six months in jail.

The law office of Mike G. Law has the knowledge of the laws of the state of Florida and can help you when you are most in need.

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