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While watching the news or reading about arrests in Florida, it is easy to forget that “suspects” and “defendants” are people. Behind every criminal case is a person, with a family and friends. They have a story and unique circumstances. 

Because of that reality, it is important for someone who has been arrested for drug issues to know about an opportunity through Florida’s courts. Drug court might be a worthwhile option for you, an option that could lead to a life change.

Basically, drug courts are available options to defendants in specific legal circumstances:

  • Those whose charges involve some sort of substance abuse
  • Those without a felony on their records
  • Those whose cases don’t involve violence
  • Those who are 18 or older

If your case or the case of someone you love fits into the above criteria, don’t wait to work with a criminal defense lawyer who understands the valuable opportunity of Florida’s drug courts. The alternative can keep someone who needs help out of the traditional criminal justice system.

Most of us can say that we have known or know someone who has battled addiction and/or mental health problems. These conditions can land good but sick people in serious trouble, including with the law.

Incarcerating someone whose sickness has led to their legal troubles often doesn’t resolve the issue. Providing that person treatment for substance abuse, counseling and mental health support if needed can help resolve the medical issues. In doing that, the person can get better and stay out of the criminal justice system in the future. 

Were you caught with drugs and are now facing charges of drug possession? Your drug crime defense attorney might be able to get you in the drug courts system and put you on the appropriate path toward a healthier and free future.

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