El abuso de estimulantes puede dar lugar a cargos por infracción de drogas

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Prescription drugs can be abused. One of those drug categories is stimulants. Some of the names that are common on the street for stimulants are skippy, vitamin r, bennies and speed or uppers. This type of prescription drug stimulates or increase all activities and processes in your body. If you are caught with this type of drug without your name on the bottle, you can be arrested and charged with a felony, depending on the amount you have.

The increased processes mentioned above can give you a huge boost of alertness, attention and lots of energy. One of the bad side effects to this drug is that it can increase your blood pressure and make your heart work harder to meet the energy demand. Stimulants can be prescribed by a doctor and, if used properly they can be safe and effective. You can become addicted to these drugs pretty quickly, so monitoring your levels is important. Taking a stimulant that is prescribed to someone else can lead to serious risks to your health and well-being.

Two drugs, amphetamines and methylphenidate, are the ones that are most desired by those who abuse stimulants. These are only prescribed by a physician for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Sometimes, it is taken for depression, but not very often.

These drugs a taken in pill form, but an abuser will probably crush the drug and sniff or inject them for a bigger and better high. Abusing these types of drugs can lead to damage to your heart and other vital organs.

Being charged with prescription drug abuse is frightening. If you have the drug in your pocket or purse without proof that it is yours, it can lead to an arrest and maybe jail time. An experienced attorney may be able to get your charges mitigated or dropped.

Source: National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Prescription Stimulant Medications (Amphetamines),” accessed Oct. 28, 2015

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