Entrenadores de fútbol arrestados por presuntos delitos de drogas en Florida

Mike G Law

Football is huge in Florida, especially at the high school level, where the state produces some of the fastest and most talented athletes in the country. However, the team at Titusville High will now be without a pair of coaches, as they’ve been arrested on federal drug charges.

One coach is 40 years old, and the other is 36 years old. The authorities are charging them with both possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute, alleging that they had controlled substances that they planned to sell and perhaps had sold.

The investigators are saying this wasn’t focused around one specific drug, but was a wide-ranging operation in which multiple drugs were involved. They say the coaches had been working with dealers who were based out of North Brevard to distribute the drugs. If they are convicted, the coaches could serve as many as 20 years in a federal facility.

One of the drugs that the authorities say the men were selling was fentanyl. It is similar to heroin, though it’s said to be 100 times as powerful. It is often used for those who have terminal diseases. A number of people in North Brevard have passed away after overdosing on it, according to reports, and there have also been indications that pop superstar Prince was connected to it when he died in Minnesota.

When facing charges of this magnitude, the results can absolutely be life-altering. This is why it’s so important for those who have been accused to know what options they have, what rights they retain and how best to defend themselves in court.

Source: Florida Today, “Brevard football coaches arrested on federal drug charges,” Chris Bonanno and J.D. Gallop, June 30, 2016

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