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Child Custody And Support Lawyer in Tampa

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In any divorce or family law matter involving children, emotions are bound to bubble over between the disputing parents. Resolving the matter in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible is critical to the welfare of the child.

I am family litigation attorney Michael Celso Gonzalez of Tampa, Florida. If you are facing divorce or find yourself in a dispute over custody, parenting time or child support, call me before the matter gets out of hand. I have years of litigation experience in courts throughout the Tampa Bay area and have earned a reputation as a trusted lawyer who will keep your child’s best interests as the highest priority.

I can help you with:

  • Custody: Custody does not mean ownership. Under Florida law, both parents are granted fair and appropriate parenting time with their child. If primary custody is in dispute, I will make sure the court’s decisions are made with your child’s welfare in mind.
  • Visitation: Parenting time with your child should be significant and meaningful. If you are concerned about losing your rights and influence as a parent because of your visitation schedule, I can help make the changes you feel are necessary.
  • Child support: Supporting your child financially is a privilege, not a burden. If you are unable to meet child support payments, are owed child support arrears or have legal concerns about the child support judgment in your divorce or paternity case, call me for help.

False Allegations Of Child Abuse Or Domestic Violence

It is a common tactic in custody battles for one party to allege that the other parent is guilty of child abuse or domestic violence. In many cases, the accusing parent may even coach the child to participate in the fraudulent accusations. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, get legal defense immediately. As a former prosecutor and an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know the pattern of false accusations and will quickly investigate the charges, interview the child and interview witnesses to determine the hidden motivation behind the allegations.

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