Fotos de la ‘verdad’: ¿Violación de la privacidad o prevención de delitos relacionados con las drogas?

Mike G Law

The United States is infamous for its ongoing “War on Drugs.” In at least a couple of cases outside of Florida, authorities have adopted their own, some might say startling, method of fighting drug use in their communities. 

When the police arrived at scenes and found people who were unconscious because of drug use, what did they feel the urge to do? The officers snapped and/or collected and shared photos of the situations, both of which involved young children who can be seen in the images. 

These photos and the philosophy behind releasing them have ignited debate and mixed emotions. Do you think that the pictures of parents passed out because of opioid overdoses with their children in them cross a line or serve a potentially valuable purpose?

Those who support this unorthodox action of sharing the graphic photos claim that the goal is to literally show the community how ugly and disturbing the issue of opioid abuse is. They complain that the status quo is not effectively resolving the drug problem they see growing and damaging their communities. 

Others who oppose the release of the disturbing overdose photos worry that the tactic does more to shame the men and women in the pictures than anything else. To those who might not understand, sympathize or empathize with drug addiction and/or mental illness, the images might just serve as baseless, inappropriate entertainment. 

Criminal defense lawyer Mike G Law’s experience with various types of Florida criminal cases has taught him how mental illness and addiction are often the true roots of a legal situation. He knows that many who are arrested for drug crimes are battling real and serious illnesses. 

It is likely, too, that those serious struggles are the root of the circumstances of the people in the controversial photos.  

Mental illness is real. Addiction is real. If you have been arrested for a drug offense, your rights are real, too. Work with a trusted lawyer who has compassion for your medical situation and the experience to best serve your needs in your criminal case. 

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