Hombre de Florida acusado de presuntas infracciones de medicamentos recetados

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When an individual has an addiction, it is often difficult for him or her to seek the help that is needed. As a result, some parties may find themselves being questioned or taken into custody by police if the authorities believe the individuals are in possession of illegal or controlled substances. This type of situation could lead to a person being charged with prescription drug violations or other drug-related allegations.

A man in Florida was recently taken into custody for allegedly having controlled substances in his possession. It was reported that the man was walking in an area where there had purportedly been multiple break-ins.  An officer stopped to question that man, and the officer reportedly grew suspicious when the man did not state a clear reason for being in the area.

The officer conducted a pat-down of the man and reportedly found prescription drugs. The man purportedly stated that he had a prescription for the asthma medication and Xanax. A further search apparently revealed multiple other controlled substances. The man allegedly informed the officer that he had an addiction to opiates. He was taken into custody and charged with possession.

Understanding his legal options may be a beneficial step for the man to take as he awaits his court date for the prescription drug violations allegations. During that time, he might want to learn more about the Florida criminal process relating to his situation. He could also wish to look into plea bargains that may be available and the possible option of attending an addiction treatment program in lieu of possible jail time.

Source:  nwfdailynews.com, “Man facing drug, loitering charges”, Nov. 22, 2014

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