La posesión de drogas es un cargo grave en Florida

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Drug possession in Florida can lead to some serious charges, depending on the drug itself and how much of it is found on your person or in your car or home. Drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and even marijuana can be detrimental to your freedom. Having drug paraphernalia or precursors to make a drug can also be seen as possession.

If you only have a small amount, the charge will be possession. If you have a large amount you may be charged with possession with intent to sell the drug. Prosecutors have to be able to prove that you knew that the drug in question was a controlled substance, beyond a reasonable doubt. Did you have some type of control over the drug even though it wasn’t in your possession? Say, for instance, that you have a key to an apartment that holds illegal drugs or the makings of an illegal substance. Another tip off to the authorities is if you have a lot of cash on your person in addition to drugs. This means they think you may be selling the substance that they found.

Do you have syringes, bongs or crack pipes? Is there any type of drugs in plain sight at your home or vehicle? The authorities need your permission to do an in-depth search of either property, but if they find paraphernalia or a bit of an illegal substance, this gives them the right to search your property thoroughly and call in drug sniffing dogs, too.

If you have been charged with possession or intent to sell illegal drugs, you need to have someone in your corner who will make sure your rights are not violated. Was the chain of evidence broken? Did an illegal search happen?

Source: FindLaw, “Drug Possession Overview,” accessed Jan. 13, 2016

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