Los cargos por cocaína se pueden combatir

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Because of where it is situated, Florida is a fairly popular place to import drugs. Being surrounded by the ocean is an ideal situation for drug traffickers and for those who do the transporting. It has been said that no other drug has shaped the region more than cocaine. Drug money from this type of operation brought millions of dollars into the state in the 1980s. It has even been said that 80 percent of the Miami, Florida, skyline was financed by the cocaine trade.

Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escobar were part of the ruthless cocaine cartels that helped shape Florida’s history. Knowing this, it should not come as a surprise that the cocaine laws in Florida are particularly harsh on those caught using or selling the drug. It is a serious offense and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone.

You will find yourself charged with a first-degree felony if you have more than 28 grams of cocaine in your possession because that amount is considered trafficking. This can bring you up to a $50,000 fine by itself! It can also see you in jail for three years. Having any of the drug on you is a first-degree felony. If you are near a school and have less than 28 grams, you will be charged with a second-degree felony.

Both the state and the federal government have laws regarding the possession and sale of this drug. Did you manufacture it? The federal government has the right to charge you and put you in jail if they find enough evidence.

You may not be able to fight these charges on your own. Having an attorney who can do the research on your case that is necessary and who has the knowledge and experience to assist you in getting your charges mitigated or dropped is a valuable asset at this time.

Source: FindLaw, “Florida cocaine laws,” accessed Dec. 22, 2015

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