Marijuana being taken from Colorado to Florida


As everyone now realizes, marijuana is legal in Colorado under state statutes. There are restrictions on how much can be purchased at one time, but as it is legal for recreational use, it can be bought in shops. The laws were changed to make this possible in 2014, making it one of the first states to allow marijuana for non-medical purposes.

When the laws were created, some people voiced a concern that it would lead to an influx of marijuana in nearby states, where the drug still isn’t legal. People would buy it, these opponents said, and then drive it into Utah or New Mexico or many other places.

Now, authorities say this is definitely happening, but the drugs are being taken farther than just the neighboring states. One of the prime destinations is Florida.

In one recent case, police pulled over two people in Texas for a traffic violation. The two men were in a rental car, and they were on their way to Florida from Colorado. When the authorities searched the vehicle, they found both hashish oil and marijuana, with the total amounting to 12 pounds.

Police then backtracked, going to one of the men’s homes in Colorado. There, they discovered a total of 450 marijuana plants, butane equipment for making hash oil and 15 pounds of processed marijuana.

This case clearly goes beyond simply buying marijuana in Colorado and transporting it, but it still does show how that is becoming a trend. If you’re accused of distributing marijuana, make sure you know your defense options. Even if you had marijuana on you, for example, you may have simply gotten so used to it being legal in other jurisdictions that you forgot you were carrying it on your person. This could potentially become part of a drug trafficking defense.

Source: Gazette, "Florida a prime landing spot for Colorado marijuana," Chhun Sun and Kaitlin Durbin, accessed June 14, 2016

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