Más allá de las cuestiones legales de las drogas: salud mental, Pt. 2

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This post continues the conversation of the medical aspects of drug use. As we have shared in prior posts, many men and women get wrapped up in Florida’s criminal justice system not because they are drug criminals, but essentially because they are living with mental illness. 

According to the NIH, those struggling with drug addiction are about twice as likely compared to non-addicts to have mental health issues such as depression or anxiety disorders. Beyond the mental health link, there is another link that could predispose people to become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

Scientists suggest that genetics are another significant factor that increases a person’s risk of abusing drugs. Researchers continue to investigate the exact cause of the genetic link, but the NIH does note that genetics create “half of the risk” in terms of whether someone will suffer from addiction. 

Yes, a drug charge is often the result of bad decisions. Drug crime defense attorneys who have a lot of experience, however, can attest to the reality that those “bad decisions” tend to be symptoms of a health condition rather than a criminal predisposition. 

Responding to all drug crime convictions with incarceration won’t put an end to drug activity in Florida when mental illness and other biological factors are the root of the problem. You or a loved one who is charged with a drug offense might need a response that is better suited to your medical needs. 

Criminal defense lawyer Mike G Law in Tampa understands the link between mental health and substance abuse. Your criminal defense lawyer should understand that link as well and be passionate about seeking the alternative sentencing that is suited to your sensitive medical needs.

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