More than luck of Irish needed following St. Paddy’s drug arrest

Friday began what was likely a variety of St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans in Tampa and greater Florida. The day for the Irish serves as more than a holiday for them; people of all backgrounds love a reason to celebrate not just that part of our nation’s past, but also the arrival of spring.

But as drug crime defense attorneys see so often, holiday celebrations can be capped off with bittersweet endings when something like a St. Paddy’s celebration results in a drug arrest or other criminal allegation. It isn’t just criminal defense lawyers who see that reality play out. There is a study out suggesting the risk of getting into trouble in Florida on St. Patrick’s Day.

A source compiled a list of every state and the holiday festivities going on in them this year. The more fun planned in the state, the more "rowdy" the state is classified. Florida is named one of the study’s "rowdiest states on St. Patrick’s Day." Apparently, there were nine parades in Florida to choose from this year. And what comes with a St. Paddy’s Day parade beyond green, beads and leprechaun hats? Beer, of course. 

And where there is a big event with beer, police are on the watch for anyone whom they suspect to be breaking the law. They will have been on the lookout for drunk driving but other suspicious activity, too, including drug possession and distribution. Were you or someone you love arrested for suspicion of drug activity over the course of recent holiday festivities? If so, don’t rely on luck to get you through your drug case. 

Turn to an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer as soon as you get a chance in order to mitigate the outcome of your case. Even a first-time possession conviction could forever tarnish your criminal record and, therefore, is important to avoid.

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