Por qué es probable que su propiedad esté en riesgo en un caso de drogas

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Marijuana laws are changing. They are changing across the country, as well as right here in Florida. When drug laws become less strict, people might too easily believe that they are protected.

If you become the target of a drug crime investigation, for example, you might think that the authorities will regard you and your property with more care, with more respect. Let’s discuss a reality of a drug regulation in Florida that might lead to upset for some.

A portion of state statute 893.10 says that the equipment you might have invested money into for the growth and manufacturing of marijuana could turn into a major loss for you. Why?

If authorities have a supposed drug case against you and have already confiscated or documented all of the equipment to support a drug manufacturing charge, the equipment doesn’t return to you. It essentially becomes the property of the government.

The law specifically says, “equipment may be destroyed on site and left in disrepair. The law enforcement agency destroying the equipment is immune from civil liability for the destruction of the equipment.” Not only can your name and freedom be at-risk due to a drug charge, so can the investment you may have made in an attempt to follow the state’s shifting marijuana laws. 

Do you have any worries or doubts about your rights related to medical marijuana in Florida? Speaking with a drug crimes defense lawyer sooner than later could mitigate the chance that you face legal hurdles and financial loss down the road.

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