We represent those struggling with drug addictions

, We represent those struggling with drug addictions

There are many good people in the Tampa area who are struggling under the weight of a drug addiction. Often, their addictive behaviors are simply ways they cope with deep-seated trauma or other issues over which they may have had no control.

Still, drug use has a tendency to land even decent people in serious trouble with the criminal justice system. In addition to drug possession being a crime in and of itself, people often do things while high that they would never do were they sober, and many of these behaviors are also against the law and can lead to prison time.

Fortunately, Florida authorities have recognized that for these sorts of criminal defendants, harsh consequences and jail time are not always the best solution. As a result, there are alternatives, like drug court diversion programs, which can give some defendants, particularly those who have not been in trouble before, a chance to get treatment and other help for their addiction without the fear of going to jail, losing one’s job and the like.

But, getting a court to agree to an alternative to jail is not always easy. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the prosecution takes a hardline position with respect to a drug charge and, at least initially, insists on jail time. In this sort of case, our law office may be able to help.

While we cannot promise a given result in a case, we have on many previous occasions helped people find an alternative to imprisonment for drug-related charges after they seemed to have reached an impasse. With over 25 years of experience, many Floridians have entrusted us to help them handle their drug charges, so they could move on with their lives.

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