How will entering a plea to a crime affect your civil rights?


Your civil rights. Your right to vote, serve on a jury, the right to possess firearms and the right to run for public office may be affected by your criminal case. How will entering a plea to a crime affect them?

If you are convicted of a felony in State or Federal court while living in Florida your civil rights will be taken away from you. Basically, you will be disenfranchised by operation of law.

If you apply to have your civil rights restored you must show three things to even be considered:

1. Any sentence of prison, probation and/or community control have been completed.

2. At least five years have passed since your sentence was completed and you have not been arrested or charged with a criminal offense during that time. Those with violent felony convictions must wait at least seven years to apply.

3. All court ordered costs and restitution have been paid.

The Florida clemency board may take a very long time to arrive at a decision. Your civil rights once taken away are forever revoked unless and until the Florida Board of Executive Clemency approves an application. There is no such thing as an automatic restoration of your civil rights.

At Mike G Law we will make sure you understand all the ramifications entering a plea to a felony has, including not just the sentence imposed, but your ability to live freely and enjoy all the rights which other Americans possess. Getting convicted of a felony may forever prevent you from pursuing a career in your chosen field. Make sure your attorney explains all your rights and whether your civil rights will be impacted.

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