‘Flakka’ es la nueva droga de elección en Florida

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There is always a new drug on the streets that catches the attention of those who seem to be attracted to the latest rage. The new drug is called “flakka,” and this word has many meanings to the Hispanic community in Florida. It can mean skinny. The drug, under this name, gives the connotation that it is a strong stimulant and will suppress your appetite to give you a small, anorexic frame. However, it actually means “beautiful, elegant woman who charms all she meets.” It may even be attached to a popular music group called Waka Facka Flame.

In south Florida, this drug seems to be taking hold in a big way. Sometimes, the person high on this drug will run naked through the streets shouting that they are high and are hallucinating. The average temperature of someone on this drug is 105 F and that may play a role in his or her behavior.

Sometimes, people high on flakka will try to hurt themselves to stop the pain they are feeling. One person tried to impale himself on a fence post at a police station.

There is hope. Legal representation is available to you; someone who is experienced in this type of defense. If you have been mixed up in this type of activity, you may need to re-examine why you are doing this. If you have been charged, you will probably need an attorney.

Knowing ahead of time what you are up against can really help your defense. Drug charges can be fought and contested, but it will take you and your lawyer working together to see these charges and penalties possibly mitigated or dropped.

Source: CBS News, “What is flakka? Florida’s dangerous new drug trend,” accessed Sep. 19, 2015

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