Los cargos por posesión de drogas no tienen por qué descarrilar su futuro

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When you are facing drug possession charges, you may feel as if your options are limited, your fate is sealed and your future is compromised. Indeed, you may envision months or years behind bars only to be released into a world of diminished job prospects and perpetual stigmatization owing to a permanent criminal record.

While it’s true that drug possession charges are a serious matter, it’s important to understand that you have options, and that life as you know it is by no means over and can perhaps even change for the better.  

If this seems hard to believe, consider that there is always the possibility of the state attorney agreeing to assign you to what is known as drug pretrial intervention, which is essentially an intense substance abuse recovery program. If completed, you can see your charges commuted.

Indeed, this is just one of many options available to those people who have run afoul of the law thanks to a lapse in judgment and/or an underlying drug addiction.

At the office of Mike G Law, we take great pride in our approach, providing aggressive and intelligent, yet personalized and honest representation to those facing drug possession charges.

What this means is that we won’t give you false hope and, more importantly, we will fight to get these charges dismissed or reduced, or a conviction set aside in exchange for completion of a treatment program.

Our founding attorney, Mike Gonzalez, was a former assistant state attorney who prosecuted hundreds of drug possession cases. This background, coupled with his more than twenty years of criminal defense experience, means that he is well versed in the law and knows what it takes to prepare a strong case.

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