Bond Reduction & Sentencing

bond reduction; bond sentencing, Bond Reduction & Sentencing

Representation For Reducing A Sentence

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense – including accepting a plea agreement – you may have been released pending sentencing. Judges in Florida use a standard state sentencing guideline but it is important to have an experienced lawyer fighting on your behalf.

Retaining the most experienced attorney is important because the sentencing decision will often come down to the judge listening to psychologists, chemical dependency professionals, and other independent specialists to mitigate the sentence.

As a former prosecutor and now a defense lawyer with more than 25 total years of experience in criminal law in the Tampa Bay area, I know the key experts whom judges listen to and the legal issues that courts take into consideration when making a decision about the length and severity of the sentence.

Bond Reductions – Don’t Call The Bondsman Until You Call Me

After an arrest and formal charges, the courts apply an approved standard dollar amount for a bail. Every charge has a pre-determined bond amount. Call me as soon as possible after the arrest. If the bond is too high, I will argue for a reduced charge and/or reduced bond amount. I am often able to help my clients get released on their own recognizance, without paying any bail.

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The decisions you make after you have been arrested can determine the outcome of your case — and possibly your life. Call Mike G Law at 813-221-4303, or contact me online.

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I would do more than 5 stars if it was available. Mr. Gonzalez was outstanding. Told everything how it was, very responsive to call and email. Fought very hard to get my husband the outcome he received. If We were to ever need a attorney in Florida again, We would use him as many times as We needed. We highly recommend to anyone looking for an awesome attorney to go with Mike G Law!!! He gets to the point!!!

Ashley F.
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I cannot recommend Mr Gonzalez enough. He is extremely professional as is his entire firm. Mr Gonzalez has been very knowledgeable and forthcoming throughout the entire legal process. I highly recommend him and a definite five star!

Bonnie B.
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Mike G. is a great attorney. Very professional, very punctual, easy to talk to. Thanks to him my case was dismissed charges dropped.

Eric G.

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