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What is Mental Health Court?

Mental health courts are a type of specialty court that exist within the criminal justice system. They have been developing steadily over the last few decades. Their purpose is to help individuals with mental health issues navigate the criminal justice system.  In the State of Florida, this special court docket and its problem-solving approach have helped thousands of state residents. A mental health court can focus on addressing issues related to mental health and criminal charges. The History of Mental Health Court The origins of this type of court are closely linked to the emergence of drug courts.  Drug courts were created to establish specific procedures and resources for those struggling with substance abuse. Their purpose was to help prevent... Read More »

What is the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident in Florida?

What is the Penalty for Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Florida?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Monday, August 31, 2020

Under Florida law, it is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an accident without performing the statutory duties required. This means that any unlawful departure from the site of a vehicle crash can lead to a misdemeanor or even felony charges, depending on the nature and severity of the accident. Hit and runs in Florida are a serious matter. It is important to be aware of the laws surrounding this offense in case you are ever charged with leaving the scene of an accident. What Does It Mean to Leave the Scene of an Accident? Leaving the scene of an accident, also known as a “hit and run” in Florida, is defined as the driver’s failure to stay... Read More »

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Florida?

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Florida?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Friday, August 21, 2020

DUI checkpoints are not just an urban myth. They are real and legal in many states.  Also known as sobriety checkpoints, DUI checkpoints are often set up near restaurants and bars in the late evening and first hours of the morning. There is also a good chance of running into one on a holiday weekend where the risk of drinking and driving is increased. It is common to question the legality of these checkpoint stops. If you have been asking yourself the question, “Are DUI checkpoints legal in Florida?”, you are not alone. Read on for the facts about Florida DUI checkpoints, their legality, and what your rights are if you are stopped.  What Are DUI Checkpoints? A sobriety checkpoint,... Read More »

Woman holding sign at a protest

Florida Protest Laws: Know Your Rights

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Friday, July 31, 2020

The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees that citizens have the right to peacefully assemble, protest, and speak their minds. Those rights are universal for all citizens—but there are certain Florida protest laws that go on to define protected and restricted protest activities.  Sometimes, individuals are arrested for violating protest laws and face criminal charges for legally engaging in protected expressions of free speech. If you’ve been arrested for protesting, you need a defense attorney on your side to protect your rights and freedoms from infringement. What Are Florida Protest Laws? Florida protest laws place limits on protected protest activities and outline what kinds of activities are not permitted or are otherwise restricted. In general, protestors are allowed to... Read More »

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What is Unsupervised Probation?

When charged with a criminal offense in Florida, some individuals are put on probation instead of given a lengthy jail sentence. They may not be in confinement, but they are still required to follow strict rules—even when on unsupervised probation. Unsupervised probation involves a lot of conditions, but it’s preferable to jail time or being constantly monitored by a parole officer. A good criminal defense lawyer can help defend you in court and advocate for you to receive unsupervised probation, which can allow you to continue living your life without major disruptions. Defining Unsupervised Probation According to the State of Florida, probation is defined as court-ordered community supervision wherein a probationer is “required to abide by all conditions ordered by... Read More »

mike g law how to get off sex offender registry

How to Get Off the Sex Offender Registry

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Being forced to register as a sex offender can make almost everything in your life more difficult. It can impact where you can live, who will rent or sell to you, whether you can get a loan and your chances of securing a job. The restrictions placed on those who have to register vary by county and municipality and essentially enhance the term of punishment handed down after a conviction. A mistake can lead to lifelong punishment that isn’t necessarily in line with the initial act. Want to learn how to get off the sex offender registry? Here’s what you need to know about getting off the list in Florida. What is the Sex Offender Registry? The Florida Sex Offender... Read More »

mike g law how to get a record expunged

Wondering How to Get a Record Expunged?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, June 18, 2020

A criminal record can be like a weight hanging around your neck. It inhibits your ability to get a better job or house, and even if you’re able to find employment, it may not be in your chosen field. Imagine, then, what having your record “erased” could be like? While there’s no easy way to clear your record, Florida law does allow for some individuals who have been charged or convicted of particular offenses to have their records sealed or expunged. What is Sealing? When a record is sealed, it is no longer available to the public. This does not mean that it ceases to exist, however. Law enforcement and some government agencies will still be able to access your... Read More »

child hearsay

What You Need to Know About Child Hearsay

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Divorces can bring out the worst in people. They can lead to people who once declared their love for each other publicly fighting, hiding assets, making threats—and perhaps worst of all—attempting to turn their children against each other. This latter offense is especially troubling because it can have a lifelong impact on everyone involved. It breaks down trust and instills fear and lies. Unfortunately, it’s not just divorces that can feature lies. Adults with bad intentions can train children to tell lies in a variety of situations and for a variety of reasons. In addition, sometimes children say things that they don’t understand but which they think adults want to hear. It can get pretty murky, especially when the things... Read More »

gun crimes

What Gun Crimes Can You Be Charged With in Florida?

There are two main ways an individual can be charged with a gun crime in Florida: Improperly purchasing, possessing, or using a gun (weapons offenses) Using a gun during the commission of another offense (weapon enhancements) In this article, we’ll cover the different firearm crimes you can be charged with in Florida, what the punishments for those crimes may be, the 10-20-Life law, and what you can do if you’re charged with a gun crime. Improperly Purchasing, Possessing, or Using a Gun When it comes to gun crimes in Florida, there are five offenses that are the most common. Carrying a Concealed Firearm Without a License In order to own and carry a gun, you must go through the proper... Read More »

mike g law failed curfew

Failed COVID-19 Curfew in Hillsborough County: What Happened? 

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A lot has changed over the past several weeks. However, even during times of distress, it’s important to ensure that those in power adhere to the rule of law. A pandemic is not carte blanche to override established legal or operating procedures. The previously enacted curfew in Hillsborough County is one such governmental overreach—and it was lawyers and regular citizens that raced to the front line to ensure that our liberties were protected. Hillsborough County Overnight Curfew In response to hearing that groups were still gathering despite statewide safer at home orders, the Emergency Policy Group voted 5 to 3 to establish a mandatory county-wide curfew as opposed to adopting its own stay at home order. This curfew went into... Read More »