Burglary, Theft & Property Crimes

The Most Aggressive And Effective Theft Defense Attorney In The Tampa Area

Police in Gulf Coast Florida know that the majority of theft and property crimes are related to substance abuse and mental health problems. Unfortunately, assistant state attorneys (prosecutors) frequently pursue maximum criminal charges and sentences when aggressively prosecuting these types of cases. It is not uncommon for individuals to face time in jail or prison for misunderstandings about property ownership when treatment options would be a more appropriate resolution to the charges.

If you or a loved one in your family is facing a criminal charge for a misdemeanor or felony property crime or theft in Hillsborough County or elsewhere in the Tampa Bay area, call Mike G Law in Tampa. As a former prosecutor, I know how the state attorney’s office prepares and prosecutes property cases. I also know that police often overstep their boundaries regarding illegal search and seizure to collect evidence of stolen property. As your defense lawyer, I will aggressively make sure your rights are protected from the initial investigation and arrest, through arraignment and trial.

I will challenge everything about the case and use my experience and reputation to fight for the best possible outcome for your charges. My experience includes defending charges of:

  • Burglary, breaking and entry, criminal trespass
  • False information to a pawnbroker, dealing with stolen property
  • Auto theft
  • Robbery, armed assault
  • Shoplifting
  • Fraud, embezzlement and white collar crimes

Mental Health And Substance Abuse

If your charges are related to drug or alcohol abuse or mental health, I will work with the prosecutor to find a program to get you the help you need while avoiding a conviction on your record, upon successful completion.

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