Drug Charges

Police and assistant state attorneys (prosecutors) along Florida’s Gulf Coast region feel special pressure from their communities to crack down on drug offenses. This often means that making an arrest becomes a priority over protecting people’s rights regarding probable cause and illegal search and seizure.

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If you or a member of your family has come under investigation or has already been charged with a misdemeanor or felony narcotics offense in the Tampa Bay area, call Mike G Law at 813-221-4303 before you say another word to the police or prosecutor.

As a former Assistant State Attorney, I have prosecuted hundreds of cases and know how far the police will go to illegally collect evidence. When I quit to open the criminal defense law office of Mike G Law in 1993, I vowed to stand up and fight false allegations, trumped-up charges and violations of people’s constitutional rights.

After more than 20 years, I am proud to say that I am recognized as one of the preeminent drug charges lawyers in Tampa. I am familiar with experienced forensic mental health experts to evaluate and recommend treatment for mental health issues and dual diagnosis of drug addiction and mental illness. I have a successful record of helping hundreds of clients get their charges dismissed or reduced, or their conviction set aside by successfully completing a chemical dependency treatment program.

What Is Drug Pretrial Intervention?

Drug pretrial intervention is similar to being on probation, but with the expectation that you will complete a substance abuse recovery program. The state attorney (prosecutor) has 100 percent discretion whether to assign a person charged with a drug crime to the program, and you will sign a contract stating that you accept you have a substance abuse problem and you want treatment.  The program was created by state law and is very intense. Upon successful completion, you will have your charges commuted. If you breach the contract and fail out of the program, however, the judge will revoke your bond and sentence you to six months in jail.

Learn more about how drug court diversion programs work here.

No Empty Promises – Just Aggressive, Effective Criminal Defense

I will never give you a false promise about the outcome of your case. If another lawyer tells you he or she can ‘get you off’ or guarantee to keep you out of jail – be very skeptical. Every case is different. When you hire Mike G Law, you get aggressive, intelligent, personalized criminal defense, not false hope.

What are Florida drug possession laws? 

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No matter what level of drug crime you are facing, you MUST take the charges seriously. Call my office in Tampa at 813-221-4303 or send an email explaining the circumstances of the investigation or arrest. I will respond as quickly as possible to arrange a free initial consultation.