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If you are facing criminal charges, contact my office for a criminal defense attorney who fully understands how to protect your rights.

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What Our Clients Say About Mike G
Ashley F.
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"I would do more than 5 stars if it was available. Mr. Gonzalez was outstanding. Told everything how it was, very responsive to call and email. Fought very hard to get my husband the outcome he received. If We were to ever need a attorney in Florida again, We would use him as many times as We needed. We highly recommend to anyone looking for an awesome attorney to go with Mike G Law!!! He gets to the point!!!"
Bonnie B.
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"I cannot recommend Mr Gonzalez enough. He is extremely professional as is his entire firm. Mr Gonzalez has been very knowledgeable and forthcoming throughout the entire legal process. I highly recommend him and a definite five star!"
Eric G.
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"Mike G. is a great attorney. Very professional, very punctual, easy to talk to. Thanks to him my case was dismissed charges dropped."
Nicole S.
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“I was able to text or call Mike anytime I needed to. He worked with me, on a real level and communicated realistic expectations for my situation. Thanks again guys.”
William W.
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“Mike took care of my legal and civil case and was very helpful and Professional. He was responsive to all my questions and gave me updates as I asked for them. He helped get me in a position to see my son again which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you and God bless!”

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney

AV Rated Preeminent in Legal Ability & Ethics
I Have Helped Thousands Of Clients
I Understand The Prosecution

The best defense is one that understands the other side.

As a former Assistant State Attorney with thousands of cases under my belt, I possess a unique understanding of the prosecution’s perspective and strategies. This allows me to anticipate their arguments, identify vulnerabilities in their case, and develop effective strategies to secure the best possible outcome for you.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm Serves Multiple Counties Around Tampa, FL

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Facing sex crime charges in Florida? Trust Mike G Law, your Tampa sex crimes lawyer. We defend your innocence, investigate thoroughly, and fight aggressively for your rights. Don’t let a conviction ruin your life.

Facing a pre-file investigation? Don’t talk to police without legal advice. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights and challenge the process. Trust a lawyer to navigate the complexities and potentially have charges dropped.

Falsely accused of domestic violence? Consult a Tampa defense lawyer. Take steps for damage control, involve witnesses, and maintain composure. Protect your rights and reputation with strategic legal guidance.

Facing assault, battery, or violent crime charges in Florida? Don’t leave your defense to chance. With over 25 years of experience, he fights to uncover errors and protect your rights, working aggressively for reduced or dismissed charges.

Our Process

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Schedule a time to discuss your current situation directly with Mike G. He will listen to your unique situation, determine how he can help you, and offer legal recommendations based upon the information you have provided. If you decide to hire Mike G Law, we will obtain some basic information and get to work on your defense!

Pre-filing Intervention

Not every police investigation or arrest results in formal charges filed by the State Attorney’s Office. Hiring an attorney before formal charges are filed can be crucial in obtaining a favorable outcome. Attorney involvement at this point in the criminal process can be an opportunity to potentially prevent prosecution and more importantly, avoid the impact that prosecution will have on your entire life.

Plan Your Defense

If formal charges are filed, the next step in the process is for us to gather all discovery from the State Attorney’s Office. This may include but is not limited to: police reports, lab reports, witness statements, and any videos associated with the allegations against you. Once this information is received, a copy will be sent to you for your review and response. Then, if needed, we will schedule a meeting for you to discuss this information with your attorney and plan the course of your defense.

Case Resolution

Depending on your case and exact situation, there are likely a variety of paths that can be taken. Mike G will discuss each of the options available to you such as charges dismissed (or Nolle Prosequi), pre-trial diversion program, reduced charges, plea negotiations, and/or taking your case to trial. Every case is unique, and the available options differ depending on each client’s specific circumstances.

Take Action To Protect Your Future

When criminal charges threaten your future, you deserve a skilled representative who is adept at providing aggressive defense strategies. Tampa Bay’s Criminal Defense Lawyer represents people in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. To schedule an initial consultation, call 813-221-4303, or contact my office online.

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