Expungement of Records

Tampa Expungement Lawyer

If you have ever been arrested or received a summons for a criminal matter in Florida, you have a criminal record. Even if the case was dismissed or the state drops the charges, the legal matter will remain on your public record and available for examination by future employers or anyone else who finds it necessary to review your past.

Florida law permits a person to seal or expunge your record only if you were not found guilty or accepted a plea agreement for a conviction and you have no other previous or subsequent arrests on your record.

Free Case Review To Determine Whether You Qualify For Expungement

If you meet the following conditions for expungement, call me, attorney Mike G, at Mike G Law in Tampa at 813-221-4303. I have extensive experience helping people clear their public records following an arrest that did not result in a conviction. I offer a free case review and an honest evaluation of whether I can help you clear your record.

You may qualify for expungement of a specific criminal charge or summons if:

  • You have no other criminal charges on your record
  • Your case was dismissed
  • Charges were dropped by the state (nolle prosequi)
  • You were summoned but no charges resulted

What If You Were Acquitted (Not Guilty) In Trial?

Under current Florida law, your record is not automatically expunged if you were taken to trial and found not guilty. You must first have your record sealed, followed by a formal expungement process. In order to qualify for expungement after sealing your record for an acquittal, your record cannot include any previous or subsequent charges or convictions for other offenses. I can assist you with the entire process.

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