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If you have been charged with DUI in the Tampa Bay area – Whether your first offense or you have been down this road before – Call Mike G Law in Tampa right away. As a former assistant state attorney, I prosecuted hundreds of drunk driving arrest cases. Since 1993, I have been providing aggressive, effective criminal defense and have helped hundreds of driver’s protect themselves from aggressive prosecution, harsh penalties and loss of driving privileges.

You do not need a young lawyer who is learning on the job with your case!

Hire an experienced local DUI defense attorney not some firm from out of town that will send a young, wet behind the ears lawyer to handle your case in court. Those carpet bagger law firms from Miami, and southwest Florida do not have as significant of a presence in the courthouse where your case will be handled as local counsel will.

It is crucial to protect your privilege to drive and avoid a conviction which cannot be sealed or expunged. At Mike G Law, we provide a full-service approach to defending people charged with DUI. When necessary in the proper defense of a DUI case we will do at least the following:

Try and get you legally driving as soon as possible

We will explain all the possible options which exist, whether you want to fight your administrative suspension or waive your right to a hearing in order to be driving as soon as possible. Sometimes a formal review hearing is the best way to protect your driver’s license. At that hearing a representative from the Florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles will act as judge, jury and executioner in evaluating a number of legal and factual issues concerning whether you will get your full driving privilege reinstated.

Plead you not guilty and demand discovery from the state

By filing a plea of not guilty the case will be reset from its arraignment date in order to give the state of Florida an opportunity to provide discovery to the defense. Discovery should, at a minimum, include police reports, accident reports, statements of witnesses, video evidence, breath test affidavit, official driving record. Additionally, we will seek documentation of the proper registration and maintenance of any breath testing equipment utilized in your case. If the state of Florida or law enforcement fail to comply with lawful requests for discoverable materials we will file motions to compel and issue subpoenas to obtain everything possible that is needed in the proper defense of your case. We will even insist the judge hold police officers in contempt when they fail to do their job the right way and ignore court orders.

File pretrial motions to suppress, exclude irrelevant evidence, dismiss, demand statement(s) of particulars and to sever charges which would unduly prejudice our defense of your case.

Pretrial motions help the court and defense limit the manner in which the state of Florida can prove their case. The state has the burden of proof therefore your attorney needs to have an advocacy style and philosophy which forces the state to use only legally obtained and relevant evidence. Sometimes the state will attempt to include evidence which has nothing to do with the DUI charge only to try and sway a jury against a person charged improperly.

Engage in pretrial negotiations to get you the best offer possible

When the prosecutor sees a defense attorney every day and knows that he is willing to fight for his client’s freedom, that he knows how to get evidence excluded and how to try a case before a jury effectively, plea negotiations go much smoother. Most DUI case will be litigated on behalf of the state by young lawyers fresh out of law school. These prosecutors are learning on the job. Often, these young prosecutors are overly aggressive, not really understanding the law and having no compassion for the defendant. I am an expert in dealing with this personality type and if they become difficult to deal with either myself, the judge or their own superiors will set them straight. Once put in their place they can be very easy to deal with in the future. They won’t want to go head to head with Mike G Law ever again.

I will take your case to jury trial

I love the jury trial. I love the history of it. I love the drama of it. And, I love that our system of justice believes in democracy so much that we put our faith in the community’s hands when we ask them to decide someone’s fate in a criminal trial. I promise to provide fearless representation against the government and will back down to no one. When I am in trial I have no doubt that I am the smartest, most experienced and most strategic person in the room.

Being comfortable in a courtroom after having spent over a quarter century fighting it out is one of the main reasons to hire Mike G Law. I have stood in court representing a client against the government thousands of times. It is where Mike G Law excels; it’s where I feel at home: it’s where I win daily.

At Mike G Law we make sure only legally relevant evidence gets before the jury and will use our more than 25 years of criminal law experience as a former prosecutor to tear apart the state’s case.

DUI defenses

  • Suppression of breath test results
  • Duress and necessity
  • No evidence of actual physical control of the vehicle
  • Suppress all evidence since their was an illegal reason to stop and detain you
  • Suppress evidence because there was no probable cause to arrest
  • The accident report privilege was violated
  • No miranda warnings were read
  • Misconduct on the part of the police
  • Suppression of your statements to the police
  • A violation of your right to a speedy trial
  • Lack of evidence
  • Improper maintainance of the breath testing equipment
  • No basis to request or force a blood draw

You need aggressive DUI defense – Not just a lawyer to hold your hand

I will not promise to become your best friend over the course of your DUI case. In fact, I will expect you to fully participate in developing an effective defense strategy that will help you avoid a conviction and the severe penalties that can result. I have earned the respect of local prosecutors who know that I will challenge their evidence, beginning with probable cause for making the traffic stop, the field sobriety test and blood or breath tests you may have taken. I will be upfront and honest with you from the first moment we meet. You will know that I am using all of my experience, knowledge and reputation to help you protect your rights and your freedom.

I have developed good relationships with police and prosecutors, and have earned the respect of judges from my days as a government lawyer and as a private attorney. My reputation for competence and skill gives you the benefit of credibility from the moment I walk into court.

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Before you say another word to the police or prosecutors, make sure you have an effective, experienced Tampa DUI lawyer at your side. Call my office in Tampa anytime of the day or night at 813-221-4303, text my office at 813-317-8123 or send an email to arrange a meeting.