Tampa Domestic Violence Attorney

Under Florida law, there is no specific charge for ‘domestic’ assault or battery. A person charged in a domestic violence case in which another party was injured faces the same level of prosecution and penalties as any other assault against an unknown victim. When police come to the scene of a domestic disturbance, they very often make an arrest in order to diffuse the situation. Once charges have been filed, the local state attorney’s office will proceed with prosecution, even if the victim wants to drop charges.

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I offer more than 25 years of experience on both sides of the domestic violence criminal courtroom. As an Assistant State Attorney, I prosecuted hundreds of cases involving assault, battery and child abuse. Since 1993, I have been aggressively representing individuals charged with assault and battery cases related to domestic relationships.

False Allegations Of Domestic Violence

It is a common tactic in custody disputes for one party to make false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse against the other parent. In many cases, the child may be coached to say or act in a certain way to make the accusations sound more believable. If you have been falsely accused call me immediately. As a former prosecutor, I saw dozens of these types of cases and know how to investigate and interview the child and witnesses to bring out the truth.

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If you have been arrested or removed from your home in the Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Hernando, Manatee, and Sarasota county area because of a domestic violence charge, call Mike G Law, criminal defense lawyer at 813-221-4303 or send an email describing the circumstances of your charges. I offer a free case evaluation to explain your legal options.