Aggravated Assault & Battery

Under Florida law, felony aggravated assault may be charged separately from a battery charge. Aggravated assault may be charged if the victim feels threatened of physical or emotional injury if the perpetrator acts with criminal intent or knows the actions may cause injury. Aggravated battery, on the other hand, may be charged if there is physical contact with intent to injure. In both instances, ‘intent’ is an important component of the criminal charge.

Misdemeanor or ‘simple’ assault or battery may be charged if there is no criminal intent but the actions were sufficient to cause harm or injury. Too often, police arriving at the scene of an altercation charge a person based on the injured party’s say-so, without investigating to determine the circumstances leading to the incident, including acting out of self-defense.

If you were charged with assault or battery in the Tampa Bay area, turn to Mike G Law for help. I am attorney Mike G. As a former Assistant State Attorney, I prosecuted hundreds of cases of aggravated assault and battery, including domestic violence cases. During that time, I learned how police and prosecutors skip the important investigation step and ignore evidence that often demonstrates a lack of criminal intent. Today, I use my experience and knowledge to protect the rights of people who face charges for violent crimes.

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My criminal defense experience includes:

  • Felony aggravated assault
  • Battery charges
  • Domestic violence
  • Misdemeanor assault charges, including second-, third- and fourth-degree assault

Vehicular Assault And Homicide

Police have the option of charging a driver with vehicular assault or homicide after a motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries or death if they determine that the driver who caused the accident was DUI, acted with criminal negligence or was driving on a suspended license. If you were charged following a DUI accident or serious traffic violation, you will need a defense lawyer who understands how the prosecution puts together its case to obtain a conviction on top of the DUI or traffic violation.

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