What happens when I am charged with prescription drug violations?


Having a prescription drug violation can be a life altering experience. You reputation is ruined because somehow everyone knows and are now avoiding you. You could lose your job and your family is still not sure how to deal with this type of charge. You may need a criminal defense attorney to handle the charges that are coming against you. The federal charges alone can be daunting, while state charges can also be scary. In Florida, there is a way to have these charges mitigated by going to a rehabilitation center. You can learn more about this on FindLaw’s website for Florida drug charges.

Defending this type of charge means that the attorney you choose needs to thoroughly understand the laws of Florida and knows what it takes to get these charges dropped or mitigated. He or she can decide what defense may be the best avenue for you.

Often, the chain of evidence is an area that your attorney will look to ensure that the right person filled out the right paperwork for possession of your evidence. Sometimes, the chain of evidence will be smudged or won’t be clear. This is one way that your attorney can battle for you.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that it guarantees the right to due process of law and this includes lawful search and seizure procedure that happened before you were even arrested. If your drugs are on the seat of your car and the officers believe you may be driving under the influence, they can do a cursory search. If they find illegal prescription drugs, you may be charged.

Having someone in your corner who can defend these terrible charges can bring peace of mind and will allow you to continue living your life.

Source: FindLaw, "Drug charges," accessed Dec. 28, 2015

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