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Is it Illegal to Threaten Someone?

If you find yourself facing charges for threats or intimidation in the state of Florida, you may wonder if the charges are actually justified—especially if you did not act on the alleged threats. After all, is it illegal just to threaten someone in Florida? As a matter of fact, making threats against others is prohibited by Florida law in many circumstances, regardless of whether any action has been taken to follow through on them. Therefore, any person faced with charges like these will find it necessary to consult with a reputable attorney to discuss their options for legal defense. But under what circumstances is it illegal to threaten someone? Familiarizing yourself with the basics of the Florida laws governing threats... Read More »

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Is it Legal to Sell a Gun Privately in Florida?

You may have heard by word of mouth that guns are more easily acquired by private sale in Florida. However, there are several laws designed to restrict the process and protect the safety of Florida residents when trading firearms. If you do not know these regulations, you risk significant legal penalties.  If you are wondering, “is it legal to sell a gun privately?” then you are in the right place for answers. Criminal defense attorney Mike G Law shares everything you need to know about Florida gun laws in this guide. This includes information on both the possession of particular firearms and initial sale. How Does Florida Law Define Gun Possession and Sales Listed below are the key legal restrictions... Read More »

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What Does It Mean to Make a No Contest Plea?

If you have been involved in a court case in Florida, you may have heard the term “no contest plea.” But what exactly does it mean, and when is it a good option?  No contest pleas may sound less straightforward than the well-known pleas of “guilty” and “not guilty.”  For the latter two, you are either admitting to guilt or proclaiming your innocence. Pleading guilty may be necessary when there is indisputable evidence against you and is often required in order to make a plea deal. However, there is a third option many people are not aware of—a no contest plea. What is a no contest plea? The name “no contest” comes from the Latin nolo contendere, which translates as... Read More »

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Florida Vehicle Carry Laws: Can You Keep a Gun in Your Car?

Florida has many gun-friendly laws—but you may still face severe consequences if you disobey those laws. Violating license laws, brandishing a weapon, or keeping a firearm improperly secured means you could face severe fines and even jail time. At Mike G Law, we see a lot of clients who are charged with weapon-related offenses. One of the most common questions our team hears is, “Can you carry a loaded gun in your car in Florida?” The answer to this is not as straightforward as it seems. To help eliminate some of the confusion around Florida’s gun laws and keeping loaded firearms in vehicles, the experts at Mike G answer your questions and explain the laws. Can you keep a gun... Read More »

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What Happens If You Are Found Guilty Of Cybercrimes?

Cybercrime refers to any crime that involves using a computer or networked device to commit a criminal act or committing a crime that targets a computer. There are dozens of different types of cybercrimes, ranging from cyberbullying to hacking, fraud, theft, and more. Tampa criminal defense attorney Mike G is here to break down the various types of cybercrimes, how they are treated in a court of law, and what ramifications they could have for your life and career if you are found guilty. Major Types of Computer Crimes While there are many types of crimes that can be committed online or with a computer, they break down into four general categories: Computer and Internet Crimes Computer crime covers a... Read More »

Florida's Rules of Criminal Procedure

Florida’s Rules of Criminal Procedure (From Arrest to Case Resolution)

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges in the state of Florida, it is important to know what the process looks like from the point of arrest to case resolution. Florida’s criminal procedure rules are complicated, so you need to arm yourself with knowledge—and get a reputable lawyer on your side to help you navigate the court process. At Mike G Law, we know the ins and outs of the rules of Florida’s criminal procedure and want to give you the tools you need to prepare yourself or a loved one for the process. Arrest A criminal case in Florida begins with an arrest or Notice to Appear. This occurs when a police officer witnesses a crime being committed... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Florida's Williams Rule

Everything You Need to Know About Florida’s Williams Rule

In a criminal proceeding, juries base their decisions on the evidence that is presented during trial. Evidence may be gathered by police, submitted by victims, or, in the case of Florida’s Williams Rule, may include a defendant’s past criminal history. The court system has certain rules around what kinds of evidence are and are not allowed to be considered in a trial. Prosecutors are not allowed to use evidence that was collected illegally or use someone’s past criminal history as evidence that they are going to commit a future crime. However, Florida’s Williams Rule changes things for defendants. This rule states that prosecutors may use someone’s past criminal record when trying to prove different factors like motive, intent, opportunity, and... Read More »

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What is Unsupervised Probation?

When charged with a criminal offense in Florida, some individuals are put on probation instead of given a lengthy jail sentence. They may not be in confinement, but they are still required to follow strict rules—even when on unsupervised probation. Unsupervised probation involves a lot of conditions, but it’s preferable to jail time or being constantly monitored by a parole officer. A good criminal defense lawyer can help defend you in court and advocate for you to receive unsupervised probation, which can allow you to continue living your life without major disruptions. Defining Unsupervised Probation According to the State of Florida, probation is defined as court-ordered community supervision wherein a probationer is “required to abide by all conditions ordered by... Read More »

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What Gun Crimes Can You Be Charged With in Florida?

There are two main ways an individual can be charged with a gun crime in Florida: Improperly purchasing, possessing, or using a gun (weapons offenses) Using a gun during the commission of another offense (weapon enhancements) In this article, we’ll cover the different firearm crimes you can be charged with in Florida, what the punishments for those crimes may be, the 10-20-Life law, and what you can do if you’re charged with a gun crime. Improperly Purchasing, Possessing, or Using a Gun When it comes to gun crimes in Florida, there are five offenses that are the most common. Carrying a Concealed Firearm Without a License In order to own and carry a gun, you must go through the proper... Read More »

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How Firearms Affect Your Sentencing

In many ways, Florida seems like a refuge for gun enthusiasts. With a strong Stand Your Ground law, an open carry law on the books, a healthy hunting grounds, Florida has a healthy relationship with firearms. However, the state also takes the unlawful possession or use of firearms very seriously.  If you are charged with a criminal offense and are believed to have had a firearm in your possession or to have used a firearm in the commission of the offense, the severity of your charges may be increased, leading to a lengthier sentence if you are found guilty. In this article, we’ll discuss how firearms affect your sentencing and the best way to protect yourself should this situation ever... Read More »