Mental Health And Substance Abuse Issues

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Police are given a tremendous amount of power in our society. Too much. When they arrive at the scene of an altercation, their first reaction is to make an arrest, even when chemical addiction or mental illness is the underlying cause of the 'criminal' act.

If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect the rights of your loved one who suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol or who has been diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness, call Mike G Law in Tampa. I am attorney Michael Celso Gonzalez. I am a former assistant state attorney (prosecutor) who has seen how aggressively the prosecutor will seek a conviction against people who need treatment and rehabilitation, NOT time in jail.

I know what treatment programs are available for people who need help with chemical addiction and mental illness. I have earned the respect of local prosecutors and will work hard to find a program that will help you or your loved one avoid a conviction upon successful completion and probation.

I will not give you false hope or make empty promises about the outcome of your case. I will give you a candid case assessment regarding options to help you or your loved one get into a conviction 'set aside' program based on chemical dependency or mental illness. After reviewing your case, I will be direct about your chances of success. Having handled thousands of criminal law cases in Florida, I can quickly provide you with an analysis as to the likely outcome and cost of your case.

Call my office in Tampa at 813-221-4303 to arrange a free initial consultation about an arrest related to mental health or substance abuse issues. You may also send an email with a brief explanation of your legal needs. I WILL help you.