Attorney needed when charges of drug possession made


Being charged with drug possession in Florida is a very big deal. You can get jail time and a fine on top of that, if the charges stick. The authorities and the prosecutors involved are only interested in bringing drug offenders to justice — their brand of justice. Most of the time this means getting an arrest even if it means stomping on someone’s rights to do it.

An attorney brought into the case early from the law office of Mike G. Law is a good idea. This individual will be there for you and will be a worthy advisor.

One piece of advice that you need to heed is that you don’t need to talk to the police at all. Telling them, after they have read you your Miranda rights, that you will not answer any of their questions means the interview is over. If they continue to question you, you need to tell the attorney from the law office of Mike G. Law because that is a violation of the law.

We have more than 20 years of experience dealing with drug charges and can put this to work for you immediately. Telling the authorities that you want an attorney is another way to stoop the interview process in its tracks. They cannot, by law, continue to question you if you tell them to allow you to call your attorney.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you. Many times, we can get the charges dismissed or mitigated if you successfully complete a drug rehabilitation program and can show documentation or evidence that this occurred.

The chain of evidence is another way that we can get charges dismissed or mitigated down. The authorities must prove that the evidence, or the drugs, that they took into possession, is clearly transferred from one person to the next. If that chain is unclear or broken the charges can be dismissed.

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