False Allegations of Domestic Violence

It is an age-old tactic in child custody disputes to go for the throat by accusing the other parent of child abuse, neglect or other act of domestic violence. The strategy, of course, was to hope the family welfare specialists and judge would be led to believe the child would be in danger if allowed to live with the abusive parent. The tactic used to be used frequently because, well, it often worked. Fortunately, courts have caught on and false allegations against the other party can often backfire and even result in civil damages against the fraudulent party.

If you reside in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and communities throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel and Plant City, Florida, and have been wrongfully accused of child abuse or domestic violence, call me, attorney Mike G, at Mike G Law in Tampa right away. As a former prosecutor and now an experienced domestic abuse defense lawyer, I know how to investigate false allegations and uncover the motivation the accusing party may have in wanting you charged with assault or other domestic violence.

A Defense Lawyer Who Will Keep Your Child’s Safety And Welfare First

Interviewing children to determine whether they have been coached to make the accusation requires a compassionate, careful approach. Children often find themselves in the middle of disputing parents and are reluctant to be forthcoming with answers if they are afraid either parent will get into trouble. I work with child welfare professionals, as needed, to investigate and get at the truth. Your child’s best interests will always remain the highest priority.

If you have been accused of or you are concerned that you might face false allegations of abuse or domestic violence, call my office in Tampa right away. My office number is 813-221-4303 and you may also contact me by email to arrange a free initial consultation.