Florida man, woman facing drug possession and other allegations


After recently being taken into custody, one man and one woman may be hoping to address their separate legal predicaments for related incidents. Reports stated that the two individuals were arrested in Florida and are facing multiple charges each, including drug possession.

In this situation, there is no doubt that some good legal advice about their criminal defense options may aid them as they move forward.

The reports stated that authorities were alerted to the man’s presence after receiving a call about a suspicious vehicle. The man was reportedly parked in a condominium parking lot, and when police questioned him, he purportedly stated that he was "waiting on the woman." He had allegedly agreed to give her a ride in order for her to meet another individual, with the intent to engage in sexual acts.

Authorities searched the man’s vehicle and reportedly found cocaine residue on a scale, a baggie containing cocaine, a wrapper with methamphetamine inside and cash. They also found marijuana that they said the man had tossed away.

As for the woman, the officers detained her when she came out of one of the condominiums. She reportedly admitted to the police that she was going to meet a man in order to perform oral sex in exchange for money.

When police searched her bag, they allegedly found cash and a baggie containing methamphetamine. Reports stated that both the man and woman were under the influence at the time of the incident.

Because of the incident, the man and woman now face serious charges. The man faces allegations of drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and transporting a person for prostitution. The woman has had charges of possession of methamphetamine and engaging in prostitution leveled against her.

Being charged for drug possession and the other allegations brought against these individuals would be difficult for anyone to handle – particularly without a good attorney on their side. It is best for anyone charged with a drug crime to get legal advice and to determine which paths are available, and which ones are best for his or her particular situation.

Source:  nwfdailynews.com, "WCSO nabs two for drug possession, prostitution", Leah Johnson, Sept. 21, 2016

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