Football star’s Florida drug case shows career danger of arrest


Why is there a fear about getting arrested and charged with a crime? For most, the instant anxiety likely stems from the fear of losing one’s freedom. Being locked up in jail or prison and unable to live your life based on your whims is a scary threat. 

As if incarceration were not enough to fear, there are different kinds of consequences tied to run-ins with the criminal justice system. Evidence of this comes from a famous source, a once-super star athlete in the NFL.

Recent NFL Ravens player Matt Elam was arrested in Florida last month and charged with multiple drug offenses. His Florida drug arrest reportedly started as a traffic stop after law enforcement allegedly found him driving erratically. Officers claim to have noticed evidence of drug use during the traffic stop which prompted a more thorough investigation of Elam’s vehicle. 

The former Florida high school football star officially is charged with possession of marijuana and other related criminal offenses. He has only been charged with these drug crimes. He has not yet faced trial or been able to present a defense regarding the criminal allegations. 

Despite the lack of resolution to Elam’s legal situation, he apparently has already lost something quite significant. He reportedly no longer has a position on the Ravens football team because of the charges before him. 

Even a mere drug allegation can place a stigma on someone. Before the threat of incarceration even becomes real, someone who is arrested on drug charges  can immediately face loss in his or her life. Damage to one’s career is one example of such loss. 

If you have been accused of committing a drug offense, you face the risk of losing things you hold dear to you. Yes, your freedom could be in jeopardy, but so can your job and reputation. These personal matters are more immediately at-risk. Seek the help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to try to mitigate the personal impact an arrest could have on your life.

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