Police test doughnut glaze, decide that it’s meth, arrest driver


Police officers in Parramore, Florida, pulled a man over and found a suspicious white substance in his car. The man had been pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, but officers suddenly realized they may have a bigger case on their hands: a drug bust.

They tested the white substance with a drug kit. The kit determined that it was meth. They used a second kit to make sure, and it also showed that the substance was meth. The officers arrested the man, who proclaimed that he was innocent and that he’d never done drugs or even smoke marijuana in his life.

The substance was then tested in an official crime lab run by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the results were shockingly different. The substance wasn’t meth at all. It was a crumb of glaze from a doughnut. The man had presumably eaten a doughnut while driving at some point, dropping pieces of glaze while he ate, and it landed him behind bars.

The police are now investigating to determine how these kits could be so wrong. After all, they’re used by many officers, and they have been for years. They are often used as evidence when convicting accused drug users.

Police did say that the kits are generally reliable, despite this odd story. They also noted that the kit could give the wrong reading based on mistakes made by the officer, emphasizing the need for proper training.

As this story shows, drug test kits are not always right. If you think you’ve been falsely arrested, you must know what defense options you have.

Source: WFTV.com, “FDLE looking into how Orlando man’s doughnut glaze tested positive for meth,” July 29, 2016

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