False Allegations Of Child Abuse

Defending Yourself Against False Allegations Of Child Abuse

Sexual abuse of a child is one of the most stigmatizing accusations that can be made in our society, and rightly so. But a percentage of all child abuse allegations filed are found to be demonstrably false or unsubstantiated.

Bitterly contested divorces can give rise to false abuse allegations, and children in conflict with a stepparent, coach, teacher or family friend also may make a false allegation. Regardless of the source of the false allegation of child abuse, if these charges are leveled against you, you must take immediate action to avoid lasting, or even permanent, legal consequences.

I am Mike G, and my law firm, Mike G Law, focuses on criminal defense cases, including ones involving false accusations of child abuse in Florida. My decades of experience and my background as a former state prosecutor equip me to defend your rights.

Steps To Take If You Are Falsely Accused

If you have been the target of false allegations related to child abuse, your behavior after that point can often determine the outcome of your case. It is imperative that you do the following once accusations are brought forward:

  1. Find an attorney experienced in criminal defense and sex offense cases as soon as possible.
  2. Do not talk to police or agree to an interview on the charges without a lawyer present, under any circumstances.
  3. Avoid interacting with children alone. Always seek to be accompanied by another adult who can corroborate your explanation of your actions.
  4. Avoid any interactions with children that could be misinterpreted, including telling dirty jokes, excessive rough-housing, or overly aggressive horseplay.
  5. Do not ever admit to something you did not do, even if it seems like the easier choice in the moment. Sex offense convictions involving minors carry long-term consequences.
  6. Maintain your temper in court and with opposing counsel — angry outbursts may reinforce the accusations.
  7. Allow any investigations launched to proceed. The legal processes that are in place protect children who are truly in danger.

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