Seek Help From a Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor


Sex crimes are different. They are frequently sensationalized, leading to ostracization of the accused and worse. In addition, your charge may stay on your public record permanently for your neighbors, coworkers, and family to see, affecting every action you take for the rest of your life. It will be more difficult to find a job, secure housing, and build relationships.

If you are charged with a sex crime in the Tampa area, you need to hire a veteran criminal defense lawyer immediately. Even better, hire one who was a former Sex Crimes Prosecutor and who has over 25 years of experience helping individuals in your situation.

Mike G Law has experience working on both sides of a case. As a Sex Crimes Prosecutor, Mike G made sure that the accused actually committed the crime and that he had enough credible evidence point to that fact before he ever charged and prosecuted someone. He often dealt with angry parents who insisted that cases be prosecuted, even when there was no evidence. Not one to bend to popular opinion when the facts spelled out a different story, Mike Gonzalez always refused to do so for the simple reason that to prosecute someone for a sex crime when there is no evidence is unethical.

Things have changed.

Nowadays, at Mike G Law, we represent people who are charged with serious sex crimes with no more evidence than the statement of a bitter family member who wants someone they do not like prosecuted. These often carry mandatory life sentences in prison and are sometimes made years, and even decades, after the fact. We feel this is immoral, unjust, and plain wrong. Prosecutors let it happen, and judges are often powerless to do anything about it. Don’t be one of their victims!

Laws have been written to make it easier for prosecutors to win sex crime cases.

At Mike G Law, we represent those accused of sex crimes because we know the system is rigged against our clients. Not only is there an unfair stigma surrounding the mere allegation of sexual wrongdoing, but the incredible weapons the State has at its disposal lessens the evidentiary burden on them to actually prove the charges. In sex crime cases, the State can use evidence that would never be allowed in any other type of trial to prove their case.

In addition, the sentencing laws we have in Florida when it comes to sex cases are horrendous. We have innocent clients who, while they haven’t committed a crime, are facing charges that could lead to life in prison. The situation is so dire that they may find themselves considering pleading guilty to something they did not do to just end the circus. They don’t want to risk the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, so they plead to a lesser charge. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen first hand.

While we rely on judges to mete out justice, their hands are too often tied because the Florida Punishment Code takes many options away from them. We’ve had cases where the judge has actually stated on the record that, in their opinion, our client was NOT GUILTY, but there was nothing they could do about it.

At Mike G Law, we understand the dynamics of these cases and know they are different. We are sensitive to the unique aspects of this type of litigation and to what is at stake. For over 25 years, Mike G Law has zealously represented each of our clients because we understand the devastation caused by an arrest and prosecution. We are committed to protecting each of our client’s rights and ensuring they are not trampled on by the prosecution.