Questions about marijuana laws as natural as the drug itself


In our past post we shared how the recent election results included Florida’s approval to expand medical marijuana laws in the state. It is a potential change worth discussing further. 

It might be most helpful to discuss the current medical marijuana laws and then to clarify what some of the basic changes will be in comparison. First off, here are the basics of Florida’s current pot regulations in terms of medical use:

  • Conditions that make a patient eligible for medical marijuana use are cancer, seizure disorders, regular and severe muscle spasms. Terminally-ill patients also may be eligible.
  • Only low-THC cannabis is used for medicinal uses in Florida.
  • Medicinal use does not include the smoking of cannabis.
  • The drug cannot be given to or used by someone other than the specific patient for whom it is prescribed.
  • Medical marijuana cannot be used in public.
  • A place of work can limit its workers from using medical marijuana on the premises.

These are just a handful of the many medical marijuana details in Florida currently. With the approved amendment, many wonder what will change. Much of the details of the drug law changes are not yet known, as they will be discussed further and solidified in the near future. Sources suggest details regarding zoning for dispensaries and rules for manufacturing the medical drug will be implemented by next spring.

One change we do know about is that more patients with different medical conditions will have access to marijuana. Whereas only a few conditions as we listed above currently allow for low-THC cannabis use, Florida’s Amendment 2 adds at least several more conditions to the list, including Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, ALS, multiple sclerosis and more.

Do you have questions about the drug laws in this state? Are you a patient who wants to use or has used medical marijuana and you have worries about your rights? If you have questions or are facing allegations of drug crimes related to the medical use, growing or sales of marijuana, work with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney to help calm your fears. Contact MikeGLaw  now to discuss your rights!

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