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Charged With Federal Drug Crimes? What You Need to Know

When charged with federal drug crimes, having an experienced Tampa defense lawyer who can properly represent you in court is essential. A federal drug crime charge will lead to a tough prosecution and heavy penalties if convicted. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best legal defense, you’ll need a lawyer with experience at the federal level. Public defenders are often overworked and ill-equipped to handle individual defenses. Seeking qualified representation can help you fight a charge or seek a plea agreement that results in a reduced sentenced. Here’s what you need to know about being charged with a federal drug crime and what your next step should be. The Difference Between Federal and State... Read More »

SCOTUS: Defendant who didn’t benefit shouldn’t lose to forfeiture

One of the most devastating aspects of the War on Drugs has been civil forfeiture. Under this procedure, the government can seize the money and property of drug defendants before they’ve even been convicted of a crime. As long as law enforcement can make any reasonable argument that assets are tied to illegal activity, defendants can’t get them back without proving they were not. Typically, they can only do that if they’re acquitted or have kept very careful records. Civil forfeiture has been very successful at taking profits from the illegal drug industry and turning them over to the law enforcement agencies that seize them. It has also been harshly criticized for a variety of reasons. For one, it often... Read More »

Lawmakers reveal bipartisan effort to reduce harsh drug sentences

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed all federal prosecutors to return to the old ways. Instead of taking steps to limit long prison sentences for nonviolent, low-level drug offenders, he ordered U.S. Attorneys nationwide to seek the sentence set out in the federal sentencing guidelines, no matter how harsh. "By definition," he opined in his policy memo, "the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory-minimum sentences." In other words, if the sentence for a nonviolent, street-level marijuana user’s sentence is harsh, it’s because Congress wants it that way. But there’s plenty of evidence that Congress doesn’t want the extreme drug sentences we’ve been seeing — drug sentences that break up families, devastate... Read More »

Source: Feds are about to begin filing the most serious charges

Traditionally, prosecutors have had the authority to determine which among the various possible criminal charges to file in a given situation. They can also choose not to file any charges at all, even when there is a provable case. This concept is called prosecutorial discretion. That said, U.S. Attorneys and their staffs of federal prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General, who directs the overall policy direction taken by anyone representing the Department of Justice. During the Obama Administration, for example, Attorney General Eric Holder urged federal prosecutors to avoid taking on low-level marijuana crimes, especially in states that had legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. Marijuana possession cases, he reasoned, are better handled by state and... Read More »

DHS Secretary Kelly opposes AG Sessions on federal drug policy

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly recently signaled a reversal in his opinion on marijuana — a reversal that puts him at odds with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions has repeatedly remarked that he disagrees with the legalization efforts going on nationwide and even linked use of marijuana to an alleged increase in violence. Neither the supposed increase in violence nor a connection between weed and violence is supported by evidence. However, despite a prohibition on most research regarding marijuana, we do have at least one solid fact: Despite Sessions’ regard for it as "poison," no death from a pot overdose has ever been reported, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s drug fact sheet on the substance. Contrast that, as... Read More »

Sessions: No end to the Drug War, crackdown on gun use

At a recent event before mostly local, state and federal law enforcement officers, newly appointed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a clear message to those who believe the War on Drugs has created America’s racist incarceration crisis. He does not plan to scale back that so-called war. According to the Courthouse News Service, Sessions seems to hold the false belief that violent crime is on the rise in the U.S. and that drug distribution is the reason. Moreover, Sessions blames the recent increase in opioid-related heroin addiction in America on "Mexican drug cartels…producing new, low-cost heroin" — a novel understanding of that issue. In fact, most scholars point to evidence that violent crime is at an historic low across... Read More »

There are valid defenses in marijuana possession cases

Not everyone who is accused of committing a drug offense in Florida is guilty of the charge. Especially today, when authorities give us reason not to trust them and when marijuana laws are changing, men and women find themselves facing reckless drug charges. There is a reason why in the United States suspects are to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Everyone deserves a criminal defense because it is in that defense process where the truth is determined. The following are areas of defense where the truth will often set marijuana possession defendants free: Entrapment by authorities led to the arrest and charge The matter of entrapment can be complicated and its details vary from state to state. Basically, police... Read More »

The responsibilities of the Drug Enforcement Administration

The Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, can make arrests in drug-related cases, but they do a lot more than just conduct raids and bring people in for questioning. To better understand their exact role and their authoritative power, consider the following duties and responsibilities that they take on. The DEA can work in conjunction with other agencies at the local, state and national levels. They focus on running a drug intelligence program and coordinating their efforts with officers from other agencies at all three levels. This gives the DEA a lot of reach in cases of any size.  The DEA can even work on an international level, with a focus on upholding national laws or treaties, like the Controlled Substances... Read More »

Football coaches arrested for alleged drug crimes in Florida

Football is huge in Florida, especially at the high school level, where the state produces some of the fastest and most talented athletes in the country. However, the team at Titusville High will now be without a pair of coaches, as they’ve been arrested on federal drug charges. One coach is 40 years old, and the other is 36 years old. The authorities are charging them with both possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute, alleging that they had controlled substances that they planned to sell and perhaps had sold. The investigators are saying this wasn’t focused around one specific drug, but was a wide-ranging operation in which multiple drugs were involved. They say the coaches had been... Read More »

Did ‘Breaking Bad’ increase meth usage?

"Breaking Bad" was a wildly popular cable television show, and it dealt with a subject many viewers did not know about before: the production and distribution of meth. In the show, a chemistry teacher named Walter White collapses and finds out he’s dying from lung cancer. To get money for his family before he passes away, he starts cooking meth with a former high school student, Jesse Pinkman. The two are the stars of the show. Since it was so popular, some people felt that it was promoting meth usage or production—despite the problems that the characters face in the show, which doesn’t depict the business in a positive light. So, did the use of meth go up while the... Read More »