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Parole vs. Probation: What Is the Difference?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Friday, July 23, 2021

If you are convicted of a crime in the state of Florida, parole and probation are two possibilities for legal penalties you may eventually face. In conversation, people may use these words interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between each of their legal definitions. So, what is the difference between parole vs. probation? Is one better or worse than the other? What do you have to do to qualify for parole or probation, and how can a lawyer help you while you are participating in either release? It is important to understand the potential consequences of any charges you are facing. Once you have a basic understanding of these two legal penalties, you will need to follow up with... Read More »

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What Does It Mean to Make a No Contest Plea?

If you have been involved in a court case in Florida, you may have heard the term “no contest plea.” But what exactly does it mean, and when is it a good option?  No contest pleas may sound less straightforward than the well-known pleas of “guilty” and “not guilty.”  For the latter two, you are either admitting to guilt or proclaiming your innocence. Pleading guilty may be necessary when there is indisputable evidence against you and is often required in order to make a plea deal. However, there is a third option many people are not aware of—a no contest plea. What is a no contest plea? The name “no contest” comes from the Latin nolo contendere, which translates as... Read More »

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Missed Your Court Date? Here’s What to Do

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Friday, November 20, 2020

While showing up to your court date is extremely important, sometimes things happen that make it impossible to make an appearance. If you have missed your court date, do not panic. There are things you can do to rectify the situation and not make things worse for yourself.  First, let us talk about the potential consequences you will face after your missed court date. Then, we will cover the importance of acting quickly in this situation. Finally, we will talk about how helpful a lawyer can be in this situation.  What to Do (and Not Do) It is imperative to act quickly once you’ve realized you missed your court date; this situation will NOT go away on its own. If... Read More »

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What You Need to Know About Child Hearsay

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Divorces can bring out the worst in people. They can lead to people who once declared their love for each other publicly fighting, hiding assets, making threats—and perhaps worst of all—attempting to turn their children against each other. This latter offense is especially troubling because it can have a lifelong impact on everyone involved. It breaks down trust and instills fear and lies. Unfortunately, it’s not just divorces that can feature lies. Adults with bad intentions can train children to tell lies in a variety of situations and for a variety of reasons. In addition, sometimes children say things that they don’t understand but which they think adults want to hear. It can get pretty murky, especially when the things... Read More »

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Florida Court Process During COVID-19

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, April 30, 2020

As the nation works toward reopening the economy over the coming months, the Florida court system is also trying to determine how to move forward while simultaneously protecting the individuals who work in the justice system and those who are entering the system. For now, the criminal process remains different than before the pandemic hit our shores, and what it may look like in the coming months remains uncertain. At the same time, it is important that those who are charged with a crime are granted swift justice. In fact, it’s enshrined in the constitution. The Florida court system is aware of this and has enacted policies to help ensure that the court can remain in session while still keeping... Read More »

Mike G Law Bail Bonds in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds in Florida

After an arrest, you’ll likely be given an amount for bail—that is, how much it will cost to “bail you out of jail.” Depending on what you were arrested for, the bond amount could be for as little as $100 or for a lot more. If you are unable to pay the money yourself,  you can ask others to help with the costs or seek a bail bond. Here we’ll answer some frequently asked questions we get about the bonding process, and what you need to know if you find yourself in need of a bail bond. Contact Mike G Law if you are arrested. You can then be advised whether a bond reduction hearing is appropriate. What Exactly Is... Read More »

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Court Hearings – Do I need to attend?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Monday, February 15, 2016

Do I need to show up to all my court hearings? The simple answer is NO your attendance is not required at all court hearings. Many factors weigh into attendance at court hearings and it depends on the type of hearing and whether your attorney has taken the necessary steps to exercise your rights. If you are scheduled for an Arraignment it is not necessary for you to attend court, if and only if, your attorney has filed a written plea on your behalf. At Mike G Law, Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Celso Gonzalez will file a Written Plea of Not Guilty on your behalf within minutes of being hired. This guarantees that you do not have to attend your... Read More »