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is sexual harassment a crime

Is Sexual Harassment a Crime?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, October 10, 2019

With #metoo remaining a force in the workplace, many individuals have begun to wonder whether sexual harassment itself is a crime. Can you go to jail for sexual harassment? When thinking about it in this context, it’s important to first define what sexual harassment is. Is paying a compliment to a member of the opposite sex sexual harassment? What about giving a hug to a coworker? In most cases, and this is quite unfortunate, what is considered to be sexual harassment depends on the context. What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in Florida? At its most basic, sexual harassment is all about behaviors that are “unwanted.” This includes unwanted touching and comments. Often, sexual harassment is seen as something that men do... Read More »

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Campus Crimes: From Hazing to Dating Violence

In January, 9 students were charged with hazing which resulted in the death of Andrew Coffey, a junior at FSU who was pledging Pi Kappa Phi. Five of the students chose to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in order to avoid up to five years in prison if convicted on felony hazing charges. The other four individuals charged are awaiting trial. Their cases are currently on hold. The tragedy of the young loss of life is clear — and yet, it’s also tragic to see 9 other young men have their futures possibly ruined because of poor choices made in an environment full of peer pressure. Campus Crimes: Disciplinary Hearings College can be a time of exploration. For many young... Read More »

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Statutory Rape in Florida: Frequently Asked Questions

Some defendants are initially shocked when charged with unlawful sexual contact with a minor, or statutory rape as it is commonly called. They may be surprised because they believed their partner was older or because their partner gave their consent. However,  the law is clear on what defines statutory rape in Florida and who can and cannot consent to sexual activity. If you are trying to make sense of your statutory rape charge in Florida, hiring a skilled defense attorney is key. A statutory rape conviction can have lifelong consequences and it’s important that you receive the best legal counsel so you can put forward the best defense for your case. The following are some frequently asked questions regarding what... Read More »

What is the difference between Sexual Offender and Sexual Predator?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Monday, February 22, 2016

What is the difference between a sexual offender and a sexual predator? Who is a sexual offender under Florida Law? A sexual offender is an individual who has been convicted of a qualifying sexual offense in Florida or another jurisdiction; has been released from or is currently serving parole, probation, or on or after October 1, 1997. They establish or maintain a residence (permanent, temporary, or transient) in Florida and have a requirement to register or would have a requirement to register as a sexual offender in another jurisdiction; Qualifying Offenses are: False imprisonment (F.S. 787.02), where the victim is a minor and the defendant is not the victim’s parent or guardian. Sexual misconduct prohibited (F.S. 393.135(2)) or (F.S. 394.4593(2)).... Read More »

Sex crime investigations: Should I speak to the police?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Monday, February 8, 2016

Are you being investigated for a sex crime? Should you talk to the police if a minor lied to you about their age and you had sexual contact with them? A common scenario lawyers see all the time: Boy meets underage girl but unbeknownst to him, the girl is underage. He is 24 years old. He meets a girl online who claims to be 19. They chat, exchange pictures, they talk about music and what their shared interests are. They go to the mall, they go to the movies and they go out to eat. They often meet at her house when no one is home. One thing leads to another and they have sex. They continue this for a... Read More »