Avoiding a charge of illegal use of prescription drugs

Avoiding a charge of illegal use of prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are used every day by many people for the legitimate pain that they are feeling or illness they are suffering. One drug, Oxycodone, often referred to OxyContin, is one drug that is given to people with moderate to severe pain. It is time released and offers hours upon hours of continuous pain relief. This also makes it so attractive to other people just to feel the high they get from using it.

It is similar to heroin and gives the user a euphoric high along with providing pain relief. It stimulates the reward center of the brain in a way that no other drug can do. It is called by many names on the street where it is sold illicitly: Oxy, OC or Hillbilly heroin.

The statistics say that a full 9 percent of the adult population of America will abuse or have abused Oxycodone. You aren’t alone if you fit into this category; 13 million people in the U.S. have used this drug for recreational purposes.

Being caught with this drug on your person without a prescription can earn you jail time, a fine and a record that may prevent you from getting certain jobs. A good defense is needed if you are to see any leeway for mitigating the charges against you. Someone who can defend you by researching the chain of evidence to ensure that it isn’t broken and if it is, to capitalize on this.

Another area that your defense attorney can look into is how the police determined that you had drugs on you in the first place. There are search and seizure laws in Florida that have to be followed in order for the arrest and charge to stick. If the officers who arrested you didn’t follow the law, your charge could be dropped.

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