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is making a fake go fund me a crime

Is Making a Fake Go Fund Me a Crime?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Thursday, October 24, 2019

You need some money—your utility bills were higher than you expected this month, you had an expected car repair, and your paycheck is just barely covering your rent. You come up with the idea to create a sob story and post it on a crowdfunding site to help you make ends meet. Now your fake story is gaining traction and you’re receiving money. Could you get in trouble? Is making a fake Go Fund Me a crime? Go Fund Me and other crowdfunding platforms work on the premise of people supporting other people or ideas. Essentially, anyone can use the platform to share their story and why they need money. These platforms have clear (though generally pretty long) terms and... Read More »

Mike G Law Can Police Force You to Turn Over Your Phone?

Can Police Force You To Turn Over Your Phone and Online Records? Learn How to Protect Your Rights

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Monday, September 23, 2019

We keep a lot of info on our phones—from credit cards and bank accounts to personal photographs. Combined with an assortment of logins, call and text logs, GPS, and tracking capabilities, our smartphones and online records can say quite a lot about us. And if that information should fall into the wrong hands, there is the potential that it could be used against us. One part of the Miranda warning is that a suspect has the right to remain silent. But what about our technology? If we choose to remain silent, can our phones “speak” for us?  Can the police force us to turn over our phones and online records in order to use them against us? And what about... Read More »

Mike G Law: Can What You Post Online be a Crime

Can The Things You Post Online Be a Crime?

  • On behalf of Mike G Law posted in on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The internet is a great platform for sharing and communicating. With numerous websites and apps, there are countless ways to connect with both friends and strangers, from social media sites to forums to comments on news stories. But is our free speech protected online? Can the things you post online be a crime? Is Free Speech Protected Online? After the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, numerous concerned citizens took it upon themselves to contact law enforcement regarding perceived threats posted online by individuals. It was suggested that 27 possible shootings were stopped by their efforts. However, is it fair to assume that the words, images, or videos posted online by the purported future shooters actually constituted a threat or... Read More »

Mike G Law theft and burglary

What’s the Difference Between Theft and Burglary in Florida?

Sometimes with the law, it can seem like there are a bunch of different names for the same thing. Murder and homicide, for example, seem to be similar concepts. The same goes for burglary, theft, robbery, and larceny. But what’s the difference between burglary and theft? And are robbery and larceny the same thing? If an individual enters a vehicle and grabs a purse, have they committed theft or burglary? What if said individual enters a gas station and demands the contents of a cash register?  Within the Florida statutes, there are distinct measures for separating these acts into their different categories. In this blog posts, we’ll be covering the difference between burglary and theft so you can better understand... Read More »

Mike G Law Drug Tests

Drug Tests in the Field are Unreliable — Here’s Why

Imagine this: You’re driving home after indulging in some powdered donuts after a long day. You forget to signal and change lanes, then see flashing lights behind you. “All this for a missed signal?” you think. But of course, you pull over. When the officer walks over to your lowered window, he takes a look at you and then asks you to step out of the car. “Why?” you ask. You figured you’d hand over your license and registration and be on your way with a new citation and fine. After being directed out of the vehicle again, you brush off the white powder that has clung to your shirt. You’re scared, but you know to do what you’re told... Read More »

Mike G Law Entrapment

Legal Defenses: The Entrapment Defense in Florida

What happens if someone you believe to be a prostitute induces you to pay for sexual acts, then once you hand over the bills, she pulls out her police badge? After all, you weren’t seeking out a prostitute in the first place, but you felt enticed because of how she treated you. Is it fair that you should be prosecuted or fined for solicitation? Entrapment can take many forms. The basis of all of these forms is a police offer (or someone working on behalf of law enforcement) who has created a bit of a trap that makes someone commit a crime that they would not have committed if the trap weren’t in place. Thus, our unlucky John in the... Read More »

Mike G Law Legal Defenses in Florida

The Most Common Legal Defenses in Florida When Charged with a Crime

In order to convict a person of a crime, typically, a prosecutor must prove two things: First, that a crime was committed, and second that you, the defendant, were the perpetrator. These two components play into how you and your Tampa defense attorney will develop your legal strategy. Legal defenses typically fall into two broad categories: Lack of evidence and justification/excuse. Here are a few different legal defenses that a skilled Tampa defense lawyer may use. Lack of Evidence Legal Defenses In the United States, the burden is on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a crime. One simple legal defense is simply to say, “I didn’t do it,” and force the prosecution to... Read More »

Mike G Law mitigating factors for reduced senentence

Mitigating Factors to Reduce Sentence

During the sentencing phase, judges will have plenty of aggravating circumstances to sift through. The crime itself, whether harm was done to the community and the criminal history of the defendant will all be factored into the sentence received. However, another important component of due process is the right to present evidence during sentencing that helps mitigate, or diminish, some of the sentence received. The following are some of the mitigating factors that can help to reduce a sentence in Florida. For more information specific to your case, make sure to consult with Mike G Law. Mitigating Factors Related to the Underlying Charge There are several factors which a criminal defense attorney may use to help sway the judge away... Read More »

Mike G Law Marijuana in Florida

What You Need to Know About Marijuana in Florida

The marijuana industry is big. It seems like there are dispensaries popping up all over the place, with big names like MedMen vying for Florida licenses. And while this visibility may bode well for the industry, for many people, it can be confusing. The ubiquity of marijuana can make it seem like it’s no big deal to carry some flower or a vape cartridge with you. However, doing so could land you in deep legal trouble—even if you have a prescription. Is Marijuana Legal in Florida? Currently, medical marijuana is legal in Florida. However, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug under both state and federal law. The recreational use, possession, or sale of marijuana remains illegal. Individuals... Read More »

Mike G Law Bail Bonds in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds in Florida

After an arrest, you’ll likely be given an amount for bail—that is, how much it will cost to “bail you out of jail.” Depending on what you were arrested for, the bond amount could be for as little as $100 or for a lot more. If you are unable to pay the money yourself,  you can ask others to help with the costs or seek a bail bond. Here we’ll answer some frequently asked questions we get about the bonding process, and what you need to know if you find yourself in need of a bail bond. Contact Mike G Law if you are arrested. You can then be advised whether a bond reduction hearing is appropriate. What Exactly Is... Read More »