Drug intervention program possible in Florida


In Florida, the authorities crack down on drug possession pretty hard. This means that if you are caught with illegal drugs in your pockets, in your car or in your home, you could be charged with possession. Sometimes, in order to have a high prosecution rate, the police and the assistant attorneys general (the prosecutors) will fudge a bit on the law and will place a higher priority on getting you convicted than on your rights as an American citizen.

In the Tampa, Florida, area, our law firm, Mike G Law, has a reputation for fairness and getting those who have been charged with possession of an illegal drug off the charge or getting the charges mitigated to a lesser charge. We have 20 years of experience and have a team of people ready to go to work on your behalf.

You may attend a pretrial drug intervention program that is much like probation. Once you have finished the program, if you followed all the rules that are listed in the contract that you signed with the prosecutor, your charges will be commuted. It is very difficult to complete, but it is well worth your while to do so. If you break contract and don’t finish the program, the judge will revoke your bond and send you to jail for six long months.

We will guide you through your options once you have told us what happened and we have read the arrest report. Knowing which way the prosecutor is leaning also will help us give you your best option. Every case is different and we get deeply involved in each one as if it were our only case. We aggressively seek your exoneration.

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